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When we are open for applications, in order for the Foundation to consider any overseas requests, you must have a UK representative who can meet with the Trustees if required.

Hands Around The World Charity

Changing Lives Malawi

We were so grateful to receive a grant from The Clive Richards Foundation to build a staff accommodation block, staff latrines, boys’ latrines and girls’ latrines. Four male teachers are living in this accommodation. The four self-contained apartments all have their own bedroom and sitting room.

It certainly hasn’t been straightforward as currency has been devalued, prices of goods keep rising and the rainy season started before the project had been completed. But despite the issues, they’ve worked hard and succeeded and now the teachers are pleased to have these lovely new rooms.

As the area is very rural and the community is living in extreme poverty, there is no suitable accommodation in the surrounding area that teachers could rent. The Clive Richards Foundation recognised that we needed quality accommodation to attract quality teachers for Bright Futures Secondary School.

To The Clive Richards Foundation for taking a chance on us and trusting us with a grant – THANK YOU. It makes a big difference when people understand our vision and come onboard with us to help us achieve for the young people we are supporting. We are so grateful for the help we receive from individuals and organisations.


Many thanks again.

Changing Lives Malawi Logo.jpg
Changing Lives Malawi Africa overseas charity foundation support education
school accommodation construction build teachers pupils education

Wulugu - Khalidiyya School 

We set out to make major repairs to this school as it was in a very dangerous state.


As work began, we realized the contractor had used inferior materials in the construction and as a result of the number of years since its construction and the weather, the repairs exposed the deficiencies in the building. The dividing walls had no beams linking them to the main outer beam which holds the building together against severe winds which is why the roof has faced constant yearly ripping off by strong winds this resulted in weakening the inner walls which also had no column pillars which is why the huge cracks ravaged the building.  It increased the workmanship costs bringing in the steel bender and general carpentry works in boxing the pillars, lintels and beams. 


The works therefore took longer than expected as we had to take our time to cure the numerous deficiencies and re-align the columns and great pillars to fortify the building. 


Despite the challenges we faced, the builders did a fantastic job by correcting all the anomalies and restoring the structure to a stronger safer structure that will last many years to come. 


The school children took up the responsibility of labouring after school. They mobilized themselves and fetched water from a near stream to compliment water shortages until the water supplier replenished the water. 


However, the challenges were worthwhile as the school has been fixed and pupils can pursue their dreams, teaching and learning can take place effectively. 


The school was  handed over by our WULUGU UK team who inspected and handed over in November 2023. 

Wulugu school repairs to buildings Khalidiyya School Clive Richards Foundation
Wulugu and Clive Richards Foundation school building repairs Khalidiyya School Ghana
Wulugu overseas charity support with the Clive Richards Foundation Hereford
Patience Khalidiyaa school Ghana
Clive Richards Foundation Hereford and Wulugu Project, Khalidiyya school building repairs

Railway Children

Practical barriers stand in the way of any street-connected child hoping to take part in formal education. They cannot afford uniform, they cannot afford books, and any official documentation needed is impossible to obtain.


Life on the streets is completely chaotic and almost structureless; brutal police clampdowns regularly force children to relocate, and, for safety, children often wait until deep into the night to go to sleep.


Life on the streets is not remotely conducive to the basic structure of school life – coming to the same place at the same time every day and listening and engaging for several hours.


When children are absent from school for too long, the school simply removes them from the register. Even if a child then tries to attend, they will be turned away. 


None of that means, however, that these children don’t want an education. In fact, time and time again they tell us that education is their number one concern.


Reuben, 9 years old: “The help I want is somebody who I stay with and takes me to school, gives me food and stay somewhere with a bed.”


Ila, 12 years old: “Children on the streets need to be educated because one day they will be adults.”


Asked about the best way to help children on the street, we were told:


Mo, 14 years old “To help them go back to school or work.”


Neema, 12 years old “Send them to school so their future is good.”


We could not continue this vital work without the support of trusts like the Clive Richards Foundation.

Railway Children Mobile classroom.jpg
Railway Children mobile classroom.png
Railway Children Mobile classroom.jpg

E3 Initiative for Mpingu School, Malawi

On Thursday 28 September 2023, Sinatra Matimelo and Sarah Smith from E3 attended the opening ceremony of the school built by Sunrise Ministries in Mpingu, Malawi. Sunrise has an amazing team of people who have worked tirelessly on the project to raise funds locally, manage the finances and construction, set up a school board and interview and appoint teachers. They have done a brilliant job and together have all the gifts and skills needed to ensure success.

It is impossible to put into words how grateful the Sunrise Ministries’ team is to Clive Richards Foundation for the final money needed to complete the school. We wish you could have been there at the opening! The Sunrise team believes that building in a community leaves a legacy for future generations – what a blessing this school will be for children now and in generations to come.

The school building is beautiful and the flushable toilets are such a novelty to the children. It is wonderful to give these children the opportunity to learn in such an encouraging and enjoyable environment, with smaller class sizes compared to other local schools (35 children rather than up to 100). The message the new school sends to the children is that they matter and are worth investing in – this is such an encouragement to them as orphaned and vulnerable children.

Thank you so much to Clive Richards Foundation.

E3 Mpingu PrimarySchool Malawi.jpg
E3 Initiative Mpingu Primary School Malawi.jpg
E3 Initiative Mpingu school Malawi.jpg
E3 Initiative Mpingu school toilet.jpg
E3 Mpingu Clive Richards Foundation.jpg
E3 Mpingu Malawi.jpg

Trio Uganda - Classroom construction at Busiliwa Faith Junior School (BFJS), Bududa District, eastern Uganda

On behalf of the community, Staff and on my own behalf as the headteacher of the school, humbly send our warm appreciation and thanks towards funding (support) given towards the construction of the four sizeable permanent classrooms at the above mentioned school which stands in line with one of the requirements by the Ministry of education and sports in Uganda.

In the new four classroom permanent structure pupils will now be given enough child protection and even the many school equipments will be kept and protected well.

The Clive Richards Foundation has made an incalculable difference to the children and teachers of Busiliwa Faith Junior School and the wider community.

Our sincere thanks to everyone at the Foundation.

Nkuruma Titus


Trio Uganda jpg

Fuo Zion AME Primary School, North Ghana

On behalf of the entire community of Fuo, I write to appreciate the Clive Richards Foundation and Wulugu project for the rehabilitation of Fuo AME Zion Primary school and the completion of the uncompleted self-help project for the Junior High of Fuo Zion.  We the community people will always be grateful for these projects for it was a hard bone to crack.


We also would like to state that we will put this opportunity given us to good use in order to improve the livelihood of our children in terms of knowledge acquisition. We would also ensure good maintenance culture for many generations to benefit from your gift and also make sure your names go down history of the community as our benefactor.

Fuo JH English Language Lesson
Fuo Primary School Sign
Primary school maths lesson Fuo

Bridge to Aid Tanzania

Infant Oral Mutilation (IOM), where developing teeth are gouged out of the gums of small children using unsterilised and sharp tools as a ‘cure’ for childhood illnesses, affects millions of children in East Africa and is especially prevalent in the north of Tanzania.


Thanks to the generous donation of the Clive Richards Foundaon, we were able to fund a community training programme to raise awareness of this dangerous practice in May 2023 across the Serenge district, where IOM is rife.

Infant Oral Mutilation is a painful, dangerous and somemes deadly practice where both the infant tooth buds and the tooth buds that will develop into adult canines are removed at the same time, so the patient will never have canine teeth.


Our dental partners in Tanzania deliver these workshops to teachers, district official, nurses as well as traditional healers, who carry out the practice in the hope that we can change social attitudes and encourage parents to seek appropriate healthcare.


In the Serenge, we trained 812 local stakeholders who will now help disseminate these key oral health messages across their communies.

Bridge2Aid Tanzania well being teeth children oral hygiene

Livingstone Tanzania Trust

Sawe Primary School in Babati, in northern Tanzania

"Livingstone Tanzania Trust is thrilled to be partnering with the Clive Richards Foundation on the project of developing the Sawe Primary School in Babati, in northern Tanzania. This is the final phase of the classroom building where this community school will be the first in the Manyara Region to have 2 classrooms for each year groups. Through their support we are able to buy materials to enhance what the community has already provided and later to buy the desks, tables and chairs needed. The Livingstone Tanzania Trust is working with the community to improve access to a quality education and realising this goal is about ensuring young people have safe, inspirational places with sufficient resources to learn and we are so proud to share this vision with the team from Clive Richards. 


The community started by working with the Town Engineer to draw the layout of the foundation and the community then dug them. Working with a motivated community whose determination to improve their children's education is another key part of the jigsaw of success.


Child of Hope, Uganda


The project - To install solar powered electricity and purchase equipment for the IT room.

Our vision is “to touch lives and to change life”.


Education is a powerful enabler offering children from disadvantaged and excluded communities – particularly girls – a route to economic participation and social integration. We want not only to support deprived and marginalised children to participate in secondary education but also to improve the quality and breadth of education they can receive.


By providing access to electricity and IT facilities, Project Empowerment will have a big impact on reducing the barriers faced by our pupils who will be able to benefit from much enriched learning and skills development.


Thank you so much for your on-going support in helping Child of Hope to deliver on our commitment.

Child Of Hope 1.jpg
Child Of Hope 2.jpg

The Clive and Sylvia Richards Junior High School - Gumo, Ghana


Dear Sir,


I write with a heart of gratitude to appreciate and thank you for coming to the rescue of the PTA by completing the four classroom Junior High School block.

We are always grateful for your countless support to the needs of the school and schools in the Kumbungu district.

By this kind gesture, the school has been given a new face lift and a pride in the district which has made it unique in the Kumbungu district.

Our students walk with their heads high because of the conducive environment they now learn under.

I pledge we would make maximum use of these great opportunities. Once again I say a big thank you.

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Hilary Seidu Abubakari

Letter written on 2 August 2021

Wulugu Gumo school Ghana
Wulugo Gumo school education overseas Ghana
Gumo ghana education school building classroom pupils overseas charity Clive and Sylvia Richards
Gumo Ghana students pupils overseas studies school rebuild extension classroom classrooms
Gumo education classroom school teaching Ghana building overseas

Wayamba School, Ghana

Speech excerpts delivered by the CHIEF OF WAYAMBA on the occassion of a handing over ceremony of the reconstructed school building of Wayamba R/C Primary.


"Today marks an important day in the history of my community Wayamba as we live to witness this historic moment. It is so historic in a sense that, we are gathered to celebrate the successful  completion of the reconstructed Primary school block which is the first of its kind since the school structure was put up and am happy to be part of this joy. 


Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to thank sincerely the the manager of the Wulugu organisation and the Clive and Sylvia Richards charity for seeing Wayamba community and for that matter our school worthy enough to be considered for this project. I most highly appreciate your effort of complimenting government effort in the area of infrastructure development.


Conducive learning environment play a critical role in ensuring effective teaching and learning in schools. Therefore, the renovation of our school block is a step in the right direction towards creating a conducive learning environment for our children. This I think could not have come at a better time than now most especially when we are battling with the menace of Covid 19 Pandemic  which calls for hygiene and sanitation Practices in our day to day lives. 


These beautiful structures will provide a safe school environment for learners. It will also give a better face lift to our school making the environment comfortable for both teachers and students. Ladies and gentlemen, as I conclude , permit me to assure you that I will laiase with the SMC and PTA to regularly monitor the school on regular basis and also ensure that the structure is in good shape to achieve the purpose for which it has been build for. Before I take my seat let me remind all of you that the best legacy one can give a child is education and all of us must be part giving education to our Young children who will be future leaders of tomorrow. 


Once again thank you for making Wayamba a proud community."


Child of Hope - Uganda

We are delighted to let you know that the new secondary school, the construction of which you so generously supported, opened on February 3, 2020 in line with all other schools across Uganda for the start of the new academic year. Bad weather meant that some of the groundworks and external painting were not quite completed... but that did not deter all the students turning up on the first day! Of course, staff had already been hard at work the previous week with preparations for lesson plans and day-to-day administrative tasks to ensure all went smoothly on the first day.


It is the only secondary school in the area providing education to the children of the villages of Namabasa, Namatala, Kolonyi and Kabwangasi. Child of Hope will continue to provide totally free education, social, medical and welfare support for the poorest children from the slum.


We send you our sincerely grateful thanks for making all this possible.


Wulugu - Northern Ghana

Helping to build a primary school at Disiga, Northern Ghana 2019

The generous donation from Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity was a vital part of the project.


Before the new school was built, the pupils brought stools to sit on and carried them home each day. There were 2 blackboards one for each end, so one class faces one way, another the opposite and the one in the middle faces sideways.


The children, despite this, were keen to be there and are learning.


The community helped in every way possible. Village women carried soil, stones and water. Villagers gave the masons accommodation.


Disiga Primary opened in September 2019 and has made a substantial difference, particularly in enabling children to be taught during the rains.


It was officially handed over to Ghana Education service on. They were clear that their role was to ensure that the school runs well and is maintained properly.


They have recruited teachers and head and supplied books and some equipment.


Overall, the project went on smoothly and the enthusiasm is high. Most importantly, the children were so excited and looked forward to the completion and reopening of schools so they can have a real school at last.

Wulugu 1.jpg
Wulugu 2.jpg

Water Harvest - India

Rainwater harvesting in India to provide year round drinking water. To provide drinking water for vulnerable children in five rural school.

WaterharvestDogra school.jpeg

Wulugu - Ghana

Helping to build a primary school at  Wayamba, Ghana 2020

Wulugu 4.jpg
Wulugu 3.jpg

Wulugu team giving education in respect of COVID19

Wulugu1 CV19.jpg

Premananda Orphanage - India

Painting the Girl's school using a grant to keep the school and orphanage maintained and in good order.

Premananda Painting the orphanage Clive Richards Foundation overseas support donation funding charity CRF CSRC
Premananda Painting the orphanage Clive Richards Foundation overseas support donation funding charity CRF CSRC
Premananda Painting the orphanage Clive Richards Foundation overseas support donation funding charity CRF CSRC

Turning Point, Kenya - not all requests for funding are for large projects - this was for much needed whiteboards, cooking stove with gas cylinder bought using our donation.

Turning Point Kenya education needs overseas
Turning Point Kenya educational equipment Clive Richards Foundation Clive and Syvlia Richards Charity UK Hereford Herefordshire

Nevis, West Indies - build Rectory


Karusandara Union of Women Association - UGANDA

The project was to construct a three classroom block, VIP toilet and purchasing 75 school desks for Karusandara  Model  Primary School.

Karusandara School Uganda
Karusandara School Uganda
Karusandara School Uganda
Karusandara School Uganda
Karusandara School Uganda
Karusandara School Uganda
Karusandara Union of Women Association Primary School Gareth Davies Trustee Clive Richards Foundation formerly the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity

Mrs. Oriikiriza Annet,  Chairperson said

"On behalf of the members of Karusandara union of women association, the pupils, the staff, the board members and the entire community of Karusandara Sub County, I wish to express my since appreciation to The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity for supporting our organization to implement a project aimed at constructing a three classroom block, VIP toilet and purchasing 75 school desks for KARUSANDARA MODEL PRIMARY SCHOOL .We are very much excited and we thank God who has enabled us to successfully implement this project.


We also thank Mr. Anthony Usher our UK representative for his time during the implementation of the project. He has endured many challenges including bad roads among others.


In a special way we want to thank Gareth for being with us during the celebrations of officially opening the three classroom block and the toilet block and also witnessing the purchased 75 school desks.  


This has been a big achievement in the history of Karusandara union of women association"

Karusandara Union of Women Association Primary School Gareth Davies Clive Richards Foundation formerly the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity
Karusandara Union of Women Association Primary School Gareth Davies Clive Richards Foundation formerly the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity
Karusandara Union of Women Association Primary School Gareth Davies Clive Richards Foundation formerly the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity
Karusandara Union of Women Association Primary School Gareth Davies Clive Richards Foundation formerly the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity

Premananda Orphanage - India

The Charity built the new Orphanage and have been supporting it since 2000 .


The Orphanage regularly writes to the Charity sending updates and photographs of the children.

Premananda Orphanage Education dormitory dormatory children school overseas India orphans Clive Richards Foundation formerly the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity
Premananda Orphanage India students Clive Richards Foundation formerly the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity
Premananda Orphanage India Jon James Clive Richards Foundation formerly the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity

Hands Around the World - Uganda

Students Hands Around the World Clive Richards Foundation formerly the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity
Hands Around the World Clive Richards Foundation formerly the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity Uganda
Hands Around the World Uganda Clive Richards Foundation formerly the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity
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